Delta Error: Can't Connect To The Division's New 'Underground' DLC? You're Not Alone

by Dave Thier from Forbes

Ubisoft says everything should be working now.

More new content for The Division, more technical problems in its wake. Today Ubisoft released Underground, the first major piece of DLC for the post-apocalyptic shooter MMO, and people are reportedly having some issues both finding and connecting to the new content. The official Ubisoft twitter account tweeted about “Delta error 20010082,” saying that the developer is aware of the problem and is working on a fix:

“We are aware of connectivity issues leading to Delta errors, we’re looking into it,” Ubisoft tweeted, followed by: “Delta error 20001082 & extended waiting queues: these connectivity issues are under investigation.”


People are also having trouble locating the DLC, for which Ubisoft has some fixes. First of all, the developer says that you’ve got to complete the “Secure Quarantine Center” side mission shown on the ingame map. Ubisoft also said that PC users should restart their Uplay client, and Xbox One season pass holders should be sure to activate the DLC in the Xbox store. Delta errors appear to be a bit trickier, and anyone experiencing connectivity issues or long wait times will just have to wait for Ubisoft to get things in order.

This is far from the first time this game has experienced technical problems: The Division actually saw a pretty smooth launch, but it’s been plagued by myriad issues ever since. We’ve seen wiped characters, missing missions, game-breaking exploits and pretty much every other problem a game like this can experience. Real numbers are hard to come by, but I imagine we’re seeing some serious player attrition from people fed up with things. The closest we can get are the statistics from Steam Charts, which show a pretty steady decline for months now.

The new DLC promises to open up more of New York City’s subterranean challenges, promising new gear, new enemies, a new incursion and the usual suite of other things we get with an MMO expansion.


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