Should I Upgrade My Equipment or Skills First?

To upgrade equipment or skill first is a question, whether better equipment make me walk through next level or upgraded skill kill enemies easier? To kill, to be hero, to see others’ideas…^^ Here are two high level players’ opinion!

webwxgetmsgimg-1 Destro2k

When you play with your first hero, don’t get overwhelmed by the items, there are a lot but only a few are really important.Those with higher attributes, are always on top.

When you upgrade your hero in the first time, don’t waste too much gold for upgrading the skills, they will get really expensive on higher level, leave them at 30 or 35, upgrade the items, they give you health and attack, later, on higher stages with more gold, you can continue.

webwxgetmsgimgaribian prince

Upgrade your equipment as soon as you have gold coins because the enemies will get much stronger as you take on the next stage. There are basically four stats that you can boost from upgrading your equipment: HP, Defense, Strength, and Critical Damage percentage. In the beginning stages, just upgrade the strength-based equipment because those enemies will not even hurt you enough to even warrant your heroes to wear armor.

Which one do you prefer, upgrade equipment or skills first? Thank arabian prince and Destro2k for provide us suggestion! Guys, tell us your idea in Stickman Channel! Let’s discuss!