[How to use this app] Guidance for BF1 gamers

Hey, welcome to the battlefield 1 community in our app.
I’m really glad that we could have you guys here, and here are some tips for you.

For gamers who want to make a new Emblem, click the Discover tap on the bottom, you’ll see the ‘EA Companion’.wbsfhlz

Log into the EA account (BATTLEFIELD 1 official website on mobile, all rights are reserved and owned by DICE and EA.)
You can make Emblems, view your career/stats, customize your loadout and check your friends’ activities, etc.

And how to display your Platform/Role information next you name when you are in group channel? Just Click the ‘Battlefield Showcase’ and you’ll see;3

The journey is just getting started!
1.List your recruiting requirement and find like-minded squad mates to play with.
2.Get the latest BF1 guides :
3.Get the Weapons Stats:
4. The latest News will be selected for you once or twice a day :


  1. Chat everything here in this channel–http://mdct.io/#BF1Channel


6.Join group you on which topic you like:


7.What’s more, you can also create your own group and invite your friends to join!9

If you have any problems, you could throw them in the main chat(http://mdct.io/#BF1Channel), The moderators and lots of nice gamers are willing to help you.

Enjoy your time in this community. 🙂 We’re here for fun.


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