[FAQ] Share your BF1 custom sever ideas and suggestions to win Battlepack and Monster Energy Drink.

Greetings soldier! We are about to open our Battlefield 1 Community Servers. There will be 6 servers in total. One for each platform(PC/PS4/XBOX) in US and EU. There’s still a lot of things need to be considered. So, help us with your ideas of modes, map rotation, timer and anything else you can come up with. We have prepared lots of gifts, so tell your friends to join the event as well.

Q: What are the prizes?

A: We offer Battlefield 1 Edition Monster energy drink (pack of 20,$27) giveaway to 5 people who suggested valuable ideas for our community server. In-app comment will have 2 winners. Reddit comment/Facebook/Twitter will have 1 winner for each.

Disclaimer: The Battlefield 1 edition Monster energy drink is limited in U.S. ONLY. If you are in any other region, the prize will change to 20$ gift card (you can choose the platform you prefer) instead.


Q: How can I enter the event?

A: To enter the event, there’s 4 ways to share your ideas and suggestion about our community server.

  1. Write your ideas with #bf1customserver in the main BF1 channel
  2. Comment on our Reddit post
  3. Leave comment on Facebook Article
  4. Retweet your suggestion with #bf1customserver on Twitter

One unique account can have maximum 4 entrance ticket.


Q: How will the winner be selected?

A: We will pick 5 valuable suggestions after the event ends.


Q: How long is the event?

A: The event will last 7 days till CST 23:59 Nov. 11 2016. If you don’t reply after 7 days. You will be automatically disqualified.


Q: Can I win more than one prize?

A: Why not? If you have really good ideas, post different suggestion on each channel. It will increase your chance of winning.

*Special thanks to @Spicy_Memer,the awesome suggestions of making Monster Energy Drink as our Prize!

Good Luck everyone.