[Guide] Naruto: 8 Inner Gates Stats & Database

Hi, this is Nova from S15.
So how do you like the new 8 inner gates system?
In this guide, I will first provide numerical data and then explain the strategy.
I collected the data from CN naruto online and made the following tables.

The Data
(or you can skip to conclusion if you don’t want to read the numbers.)

1. Upgrade
You can upgrade a chakra by synthesizing other chakras. The EXP is based on the quality.


The highest quality is Red.


and here is the proof.

2. The EXP
A chakra requires a certain amount of EXP to be upgraded, based on the quality and current level. The max level is 11.
EXP for each level:

exp acc.png


3. The Stats
Each chakra provides a certain amount of stats, based on the type, quality, and current level.
CICC: control, injury, Crit, Combo (also including initiative if applicable).
DR: damage reduction.


For example. your purple lv1 attack chakra provides 49 attack. If you upgrade  it to lv2, it will be 49+19=68 attack. lv3 will be 49+19+19=87 attack.


For your convenient, I also calculated the maximum stats at level 11.

4. The Ratio:
For analytic reason, I also calculated the EXP/Stats ratio. In other words,  how much EXP do you need to increase the stat by 1 unit.
The lower, the better.
I used Att/Nin for example. Other stats would be similar since the denominator is always a fixed number.


As we can observe, blue and purple has the lowest EXP/Stats ratio. Which means for the same amount of coins u spend, purple and blue chakra will generate the highest outcome. 
Orange and Red chakras have a much higher potential. But in the early game, try to invest on Purple chakra first. Orange and Red chakras are not really important at the beginning.

The Strategy
There are 8 slots. (or 7 currently, since the death gate is “not open yet”)
So which chakras you should choose?

Tier 1: (The Must Have)
Att/Nin, Defense, Resistance, HP, Initiative
You can choose Att or Nin based on the ninja u are using. Or you can just take both.
Keep in mind that Initiative chakra only obtainable from the exchange. (20000 points, costs about 70m)

Tier 2: (The good options)
Combo, Crit, Control, HP recovery, damage reduction
For dps ninjas, Combo and Crit will be very helpful.
For control ninjas, Control gives you a stable chance to apply conditions on targets.
HP recovery and dmg reduction, well,not very effective but still better than nothing.

Tier 3: (The useless)
Injury, att/nin penetr4tion.
Based on the info from CN server, these stats don’t work at all. Correct me if you have proof.

BTW, in CN server people only need 1 set chakras for the entire team.
We need a set for each ninja, which means 4 sets in total.

The Inconvenience
(Thanks to player Kage Sound for pointing out this issue)

Unlike gears or magatamas, Chakras are tied to move order instead of each character.
For example, Your current move 1 ninja is Fire main and move 2 ninja is Iruka. You gave high-level ninjutsu chakra to your main and high level ninjutsu chakra to your main. However, chakras are tied to the order, not the character. Therefore, if you switch their order, like put your main at move 2 and Iruka at move 1, their equipped chakras will be exchanged. This is extremely annoying when you need to adjust your formation. I Wish OG can fix this issue.

Source: Official Naruto Online English Forum, written by Nova15

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