[E-Sports] Talespin Leaves Team EnVyUs Overwatch

In their weekly video series “The Blueprint,” Team EnVyUs announced that Ronnie “Talespin” Dupree has left their Overwatch roster. Talespin served as the team’s main source of firepower, playing the DPS role for the top team.

The host of the series, Kat Gunn, cited Talespins desire to “pursue opportunities outside of gaming.” She went on to say the team was actively seeking a replacement to play in the OGN Apex League as well as future events. Talespine told a different story in a post of his own to twitter, saying he was in fact not done with playing Overwatch.

Before Overwatch, Talespin was an active gamer at the highest levels of titles such as Shootmania, Firefall, Tribes: Ascend and Nosgoth. His decision to step away from gaming is surely one that received a lot of thought, especially with the announcement of an official Overwatch league put on by game creator, Blizzard Entertainment.

Team EnVyUs roster after change:

  • Taimou
  • Cocco
  • Chipshajen
  • HarryHook

Source: WWG

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