[Guide]Some useful skills

  1. Wait for your skills to cooldown before taking the new wave of enemies. If there is an arrow and the word “GO” blinking for you to trigger the next wave, do not run into the spawning areas yet if all of your skills are not ready, most especially if your “ultimate skill” is still under cooldown.
  1. Positioning is key in this game. Do not get yourself be surrounded or cornered. Make sure that most of your enemies are in one side for you to be effecient in damage dealing, and also, for you to get not staggered or thrown into the air thus receiving more damage.
  1. There is no shame in retreating, if you cannot beat the level three times in a row, it is time for you to take on the previous completed levels. You can try taking on the immediately preceding boss stage for greater chances of loot. You are not after the experience here, because level in this game is not that important compared to your equipment or skill level. Both equipment level and skill level are only upgraded with gold coins. Conclusion, get more gold coins.
  1. Check your equipment every now and then for better armor. Never forget to fully equip your heroes and swap better equipment when you find one. Upgrade your best equipment first, and just let those basic equipment sit until you find a better one. Then you can proceed in selling them.

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