Strategy by AkodoKage of OA-S1(1)

Here is a basic game guide I developed! This guide establishes strategies for gameplay, diamond use, and goals you should set for yourself as a new player. Enjoy!
First of all, players should recognize that this game operates strictly in the EST Time Zone. That means that the time on the in-game clock thinks you live in Eastern USA. As I discuss certain events please note I am referring to the time they take place as In-Game time vice external time.
There are only two “big ticket” times of concern. 2030 server time every night and 2100 Server time every Tuesday and Thursday. These are the once a day events that you have to be online and active for to participate. “Last Man” is set up in advance with a very easy registration and “Escort” can be accessed at two different times in the day (most players can only do ONE escort mission a day so pick your favorite time) and the only reason to start your escort in that specific time frame is that all your rewards double! IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO DOUBLE YOUR REWARD!

2030 each night is the “Big Boss Fight” and 2100 on Tuesday and Thursday is Guild War.

On Tuesday, we fight the preliminary Guild War round. You have to arrive early (about 2045-2059) and enter the preliminary zone under “Guild Wars” in the Guild section. Once the time starts at 2100 we have about 10 minutes to fight a dragon statue. You don’t have to destroy it, just do a crap ton of damage. The rewards for doing the most damage (as a guild) are VERY good and they apply to everyone that participates. NOTE: If you do NOT participate you cannot get the rewards!
On Thursday are the final rounds of Guild wars. The Format is the same (Check in early) and the prizes for first place are MUCH bigger. Maximum participation, even if you are new, will make a big difference.

Here is a breakdown Zone By Zone with regards to how to play it and if you should spend diamonds or not to help.
Hunting War/Beauty Rescue – Do not pay gems to blitz unless you are pressed for time! DO these every day at the highest difficulty you can complete!
Champion Road – Complete as far as you can every day. Save good hero summons for later stages (You can only summon a hero one time across all stages). Diao Chan is awesome to hold in your line up and not use as she will heal you every 10 seconds or so. Jia Xu is great because he gives fury every 5 Seconds (More Fury = More Ultimate’s!). I typically use my ultimate’s every third round before the fancy looking chests as those rounds are a bit harder. You have plenty of time to finish a round (usually) so don’t hesitate to spend 10-20 seconds to catch your breath and “charge up” before heading in. If you fail a round, don’t worry, you can try again as many times as you want! Champion Road Rewards – Get Gold Phoebe and Legendary armor/weapon shards to start. Refresh is ok as long as the cost is still only 10.
Black Market/Shop – Get items that cost gold only, don’t refresh with gems, normal refresh rate is plenty for what you are likely to get.