Strategy by Kowal and dynacty blades of EU-S2

Dear Dynasty Blades players,

Stealing other person’s strategy for reward is a SHAME !!! dynacty blades steals part of it from Kowal, if you want to use, you can just cite to us and we can figure it out 🙂 This strategy is provided by both of them and it is a good one XD. 

(The following part is provided by dynacty blades) 

The new players who are playing games for the first time ,their problem is they do not understand the game ,they do not notice many thing like skill ,they do not understand how blitz because I was one of them. I have some experience.there are many item you will notice in the shop. Here are some recommendation for what to get.

For Guild shop, get skill scroll to max out your skill. While equipment is important, with out proper high leveled skill, you will be easily defeated in arena and harder dungeon. For Petal shop, I recommend getting Daio Chan, if have a healing hero you can defeat stronger opponent or you don’t have any hero with stun ability, so can buy one from petal shop .If you have one hero with stun ability, it’s still nice to get a second one, because stun plays a big role in arena battle. Don’t waste time in arena battles. Otherwise we can say not giving your opponent that extra 2-3 seconds to attack you in arena can mean victory or can gain petals from sending flowers to your friends.

For Merit shop, the gold phoebe is a important item that you need to upgrade you battle flag it will take 64 for Cao Ren. And You can get Cao Ren’s soul is also in the Merit shop. He is a powerful stun hero. For Arena shop, if you have Zhao Yun or Dian Wei, get his soul from arena, and you can easily star him up in no time. Other than that, it’s pretty open to what you should get.

For Shop, buy all hero gear material if you can when you see them, because you will need a lot of different hero gear later on, no matter the rarity. For Black Market, item here usually cost gem so buy things only you really need them. If you see any items that cost gold, buy them, since most of the gold cost item in black market are very rare item or souls. But they are very costly, for Fortune points are very rare. What ever you wants from the wheel its on your luck. If you don’t need gold enhance low quality gears they are not waste .

(The following part is provided by Kowal) 

For seige boss, I have a personal tip. First thing is about heros: 2 your best for attack and one healer.

-1st attack – big circle, easy to avoid, just dodge and run a bit.

-2nd small circles – get as close to boss as possible in the middle, they will not charm You.

-3rd drill attack – not possible to avoid, just don’t give a shit about that. You can move a bit left, so it’s easy to avoid next attack.

-4th attack – when boss start it move as much as possible to right, he’s burning only center. Till now You should use first two heroes. After second hero time is done use healer.

-5th attack drill – same as 3rd. Now You have again attack first and second, then drill and you are dead. Wait 1 minute, do it again. Work great for me, should also for You. If You get hit by any other skill than drill You will be dead sooner. As far as i noticed drill do % dmg, a bit more than 50% of Your hp. My healer is Diao Chan. And for guild treasure house Dice Roll at guild. I noticed that when I buy 10 extra rolls I can’t make lvl 4. But when I buy 1 by 1 after every roll I mostly make lvl 4 in 8-9 rolls.If any of You guys buy extra rolls You can check it …Totaly not worth to spend for in my opinion is: gear draw. Encourage at tuesday gw (we have no competition anyway). Special offer for 2,5k diamonds with 10 draws and few other things, because there are mostly easy to get stuff that just bid the price (some of thise offers are nice, just need to look carefuly on them). Revive at SB, when You die just wait. Buying things that You can have in day or two for free. In My opinion worth to spend diamonds things are: guild dungeon, escort till camel + one try for elephant. Fl x2 multi. Hero 10 draws. Dice roll. 3x energy. Shake the tree once a day till You get 14/15 and then never shake it again. Without shaking You can’t make 400 daily points. After You do 14/15 everyday when You log in You will have 70 daily points, so it’s easy to do 400 then and 400 reward is 40 diamonds. Totaly worth it. Screen after morning login. Wolong Found: invest 1k diamonds, get 10k in total at lvl 60. You have to get it. You can claim rewards from lvl that You already passed. Must have. Must buy wolong fund.

(The following part is provided by dynacty blades)

Amd try to hit the last shot at sg coz the prize are very interesting ..,formation ,hero bond or we can says relation ship of all will help to grow your Battle power .

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