Fire/Scarlet Blaze Lineup F2W

Yo everyone, this is Ramyeoni from S80: Gakido!

So recently I’ve come up with a formation that helps me beat players much stronger than me (even P2W guys), and it’s pretty good. I lost to the top player by 747HP and he was using Tendo + Ningendo Pains, Chiyo Ten Puppets and Fire main. (he was around 21k then, I was around 16k power)
And since everyone’s copying my formation, why not just publish it and share with everyone here?

Why You Should Use It:
If you use GNW Neji, who was free in September, you get an extra acupuncture for every round!
In the first round you already have 2 intercepts: GNW and Main mysteries (I use main mystery for Gaara/Sasuke, this also works to stop Hinata’s mystery from working)
So even if I use GNW Neji’s mystery in the first round, I can still acupuncture another chara next turn, especially with fast Tobi in Move 2.
Kakashi might seem weak but he’s pretty tanky against Ninjutsu (if I’m not wrong) so he lasted a 13x combo from the top player opponent LOL

Personal Achievements with this formation:
Have at least 5 people copying it, and some have added their own tweaks
Helped me win Sage Battlefield with Rank 3, I was around rank 24 in the server
Able to beat people with power around 2-3k higher (this doesn’t work on everyone, but it works well on Gaara formations)


And for the talents and pets, here you go.


In case you can’t see,
Mystery: Sealing Jutsu (however I feel that you can replace it with phoenix fire jutsu)
Attack: Feather Illusion Jutsu
Passives: Celestial Prison + Mirror Return + Oboro Clone Jutsu (which will summon in front of Tobi)
Summon: Gamachu

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