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One thing must be clear, League of Stickman is a grind game, what means, when you made it through, what is at the moment chapter 80, you are not done.

To get better, better items, more and better hero’s, you have to play again, again, again and again. Sounds boring but it isn’t, otherwise there wouldn’t be players, who play this game for a year and longer 😉

After you installed the game, you have to go through the tutorial and you’re able to choose your first hero. Normally it’s „Gus“, a giant stickman with a giant sword, which is good to handle and with nice atributes of damage, defence and healthI didn’t tested it out.

Before you choose him, try to kill the game to cancle the tutorial.  After you start the game again, you should be able to choose an other hero of the list….as long you have enough diamonds, short gems

As far i know, in the free version is it Monkey , also a cool hero with nice combos.

I or rather we can’t actually tell you what hero YOU have to choose/buy because it’s up to you if you like them or not, some players don’t like Samurai, some think it’s the best hero, others think Prince is the best tank, others it’s Gus.

All in all, every hero has positive and negative qualities, if you like the hero, buy it. If you notice it was a mistake, use him as NPC companion.

I don’t believe I have explain you how to fight.  Left, right, attack an four skills, should be clear. Use the skills as much as possible and “wisely”.

The forth skill (the one with the long cooldown) on one enemy – bad

Run away to pull them and strike back – good

You will find out how to combine the skill into your gameplay and to combine attacks with skills.

Now to the part, why, i wrote this guide? Because as beginner it’s a bit hard to get into this whole upgrade stuff , specially all the items what the enemys throw at you, are a bit confusing

There are four types of items: Health, attack, defence and those with critical damage. But more important, except the critic one, each type has three classes, what means, there is a good, a better and the best version

As example: the „one star“ health item,
class c – the ruby (this red blob)
class b – the rune (the green stone)
class a – the rubycrystal (this red spicky thing)

What is “one star” or short 1* ?
For each hero you have 5 different sets of six items, which are distinguished by the stars and which get unlocked with higher hero level

Level 1-10 -> 1* items
With level 20 -> 2* items
With level 30 -> 3* items
With level 40 -> 4* items
With level 50 -> 5* items
A class – 5* items are of course the strongest with the highest count of atk, hp, def and crit

To make it more complicated, each item can be upgraded and exist in five versions

White (or without glow) – 5 upgrades possible
Green – 10 upgrades possible
Blue – 15 upgrades possible
purple – 20 upgrades possible
orange – 25 upgrades possible

So, the orange version of a “a class” 5* item is the highest and best item what you can get, and in principle an artefact, rear as f… and expensive as f… ;P

Ok, ok, enough of statistics, it sounds harder as it is 🙂
With your first hero and by finishing the first chapters, you will get a smooth intro into this item thing anyway, “hey cool, that item is better”, “nice, purple version of the Leviathan”.
That’s how it will be, trust me 😉

Don’t sell your collected items too fast, they are literaly money what you will need… a lot
And your other hero’s need equipment too
Also it makes no sense to sell just one item, the gold what you get is gone instantly
You will understand it 🙂

The most important question: Where i can find a lot of items?
Actually everywhere. They drop in each chapter, from each monster
But *shhhhh* there are few chapters, which drop more.
Keep your eyes open for chapters with the same enemys type like the Imps with two daggers or the cats
Those chapters are very good to grind XP (experience, no smilie) gold and items

The drop of orange items starts officially at chapter 60
Same with the orange fragments, which, if you have enough, you can trade ingame for orange items

Maybe you saw the stars beside the hero, well, basically it supposed to be a hero level/class and yes hero’s with more stars do more damage, have more defence and more health but mostly only on paper.
As example and not to play the “bigdog” here
I have 6* Monk, 5* Kalpa and 5* Samurai in the endless mode
My Monk dies always as first, then Samurai, then Kalpa even he has the most less health in the profile only because of the selected items i gave him, that’s how important they are.
So don’t trust the stars, it’s just prestige 😉

In the game, at the moment only in the endless mode, you can collect “soulstones” for each hero and “starstones” (this dragonball stones 😉 )
With the stones you can upgrade your hero to a higher class, and yes, it will take long, but it’s worth
So, when you are worried because the hero you want, has only 3 stars, put enough time into the game and you have a hero with 6 stars what will wipe away the elite enemies at chapter 80 on it’s own 😀

i write the part about the skills underneath the items with purpose even they are mighty attacks and you have to upgrade them too.
The damage what they are made is also based on your attack items
It’s just math, a skill with lvl 100 can never make that much dmg as a skill lvl of 30 with full upgraded atk items

Also they get very expensive on higher lvl, specially the fourth skill, so keep your eyes more on the items and leave the skills at 30-40 (15-20 for the 4th)

Later, at chapters with a nice gold drop and when you’re bored, you can start to push them on a higher lvl

if i had to say something about the gems
Specially not to recover your hero’s in the normal chapters even you get a lot by finishing each new chapter (10+1 to be exactly), the daily missions or from time to time with a CDK
Do not use them careless, holding your gems count high is hard when you stuck at a chapter, try it again or push your hero’s.
You will need them to buy starstones, hero’s or in the endless mode when you have enough.
When you repeat an allready finished chapter, you will only get one then, just 1 gem.
That means, i our case, those who allready at chapter 80, If we need 200 gems, we have to play a chapter in therory 200 times

So save them as much as you can.

Well, nothing left to say then
except, have fun with LoS 🙂


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