[Guide] Naruto: Mabui Lineup With Kazekage Ninjas – Breeze Dancer

Dear players, today we are here to present you with another guide. This guide is about putting Mabui together with Breeze Dancer and other two amazing ninjas to cause a nice damage output!

Lineup and Recommended Talents:

Breeze Dancer put together with the new Mabui.


Breeze Dancer’s Talents put together with the new Mabui.


Analysis of Breeze Dancer’s Skills

1. Dance of Impetus: gets rid of all Cooling Time rounds for Mystery skills and cancels Debuffs; makes explosive Mystery skills more dangerous because you can use them more often.

2. Wind Style – Vacuum Blast Barrage: Chases and Attacks the opponent’s front row units, also has a certain chance to cause Repulse. Repulsed units will damage the units behind them.

3. Enhancement of Wind Style Ninja: will give more power to Gaara and Temari.

4. Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu: will give you bigger resistance to damage.

Analysis of Gaara [The Fifth Kazekage]’s Skills

1. Giant Layered Sand Burial: causes AOE damage to the opponent’s entire Lineup and is immune to Interruption, is often used in Ranked Battles and during Great Ninja War.

2. Super Armor: Immune to Low Float, High Float, Repulse and Knockdown status.

3. Sand Style Barrier: increases by 40% the Attack and Ninjutsu attribute for Earth or Wind attributes ninjas and generates 2 Shields.

Analysis of Temari [Five Kage Conferece]’s Skills

1. Wind Style – Hurricane Jutsu: causes Ninjutsu damage and Low Float to the opponent’s team.

2. Wind Style – Gale Fan: Chases and Attacks the opponent’s front row units, also has a certain chance to cause Repulse. Repulsed units will damage the units behind them.

3. Power of Wind: raises herself and Breeze Dancer’s Ninjutsu by 12%

4. Defender of Hidden Sand: generates Shield for Earth or Wind attributes ninja, this will also raise your Defense against attacks.

Analysis of Mabui’s Skills

1. Ninja Art – Lightning Transmission Jutsu: causes damage to a selected unit and will make that unit suffer from Knockdown, if it defeats a unit, that unit will not resurrect.

2. Healing Jutsu: Heals and cancels Debuffs to one unit.

3. Report: this skill can significantly support Gaara’s Mystery skill, it will give这个40 Chakra points to your field.


First Round: Breeze Dancer will summon Shadow Clones, Mabui will recover Chakra points; Temari and Breeze Dancer will cause two Standard attacks with changes to cause Repulse, simultaneously, you will get 60 Chakra points this round because of Mabui’s Report skill.

Second Round: in accordance to the situation itself, you can either choose to use Mabui’s Chase skill or Temari’s Mystery skill; at the beginning of this battle, you should have a total of 60 Chakra points, if you use Temari’s Mystery skill, you will only consume 20 Chakra points, Mabui will get you 40 Chakra points, which gives you a total of 80 Chakra points left (that is if you use Temari’s Mystery skill). With 80 Chakra points, you can use Gaara’s Mystery skill to cause heavy damage and combos to the opponent’s units.

Third Round: make sure that Mabui resists incoming Mystery skills, use Temari’s Mystery skill. After using Temari’s Mystery skill, it will enter into a Cooling Time of 4 rounds; at this moment, use Breeze Dancer’s Dace of Impetus skill to reset all Cooling Time of Temari, Gaara and Mabui’s Mystery skill.

Fourth Round and after: Make sure that you are able to keep using these Mystery skills.


The best advantage of Mabui in this Lineup is her skill to recover Chakra points. You also have a very nice opportunity to reset Cooling Time with Breeze Dancer, which you should use every time you have a chance for and that you see it fits your current skills. When battling in Great Ninja War, you are best taking with you a Lineup consisting of ninjas such as: Mabui, Breeze Dancer, Gaara and Pain – Jigokudo. This is a very stable team and that gives you high chances of victory!

Source: Official Naruto Online English Forum, written by Sanamabits