[Strategy] Chakra Factory (FULL WIND)

Heloo evry1 i play UK Server20 : Kabuto
My nick is UzumakiNaruka I am lv 80 [AkatsukiEU]
I am big fan of wind, dunno why but I love it. Can’t help myself…
I want to share my team with you. It’s FULL WIND! And I call it Chakra Factory.



Breeze Dancer

Orochimaru [Konoha’s Traitor] – If any1 die use him to call hokage clones or if low hp and have cd use him before( watch out to not use mastery if gaara alredy have Sand Hell, you will cancel his attack) orochimaru is probably best ninja here,when you are almost dead, he can bring you victory.

Kankuro [Great Ninja War] – Top dmg deal, burn, posion
Gaara – He sheild evry1 and give atack buff for all, and with main mastery can attack in same round AOE dmg.

X – X – X
orochimaru – main – gaara
kankuroGNW – X – X
IMPORTANT* – Set gaara last one in line up! Do this so gara can sheild clones and sasori puppet (look photo downbelow)


Breeze Dancer’s Skills

TALENT: 3,2,2,3,1
Mastery: Dance of Impetus – best one for this team can remove all bad state and help do more dmg faster.
Atack: Shadow Clone Jutsu – you can use gale Fan also but extra clone save me many time.
Passive: Depends on summon you use.
Wind Style Blowing – If you dont have Summon Serpent use Shoot down Rasengan.
Enhancemant of Wind style ninja – Increase Attack and ninjutsu for 40%.
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu – Must use so gaara can give them sheild.
Summon: Serpent. If you don’t have ,use Shark, but then change first passive.


Why chakra factory?
Orochimarus passive is to recover 20 chakra each time unit dies…
More clones more chakra and more mastery to use.
Fight should go like this:
You will have only 20 chakra so use only gaara.
Here you should alredy have 60+ chakra or even 100 you can use kankuro+ gara to attack
Then use wind mastery, if even more clones die you can use gara again
Depending on enemy but if all goes as planned you can use kankuro again and gara is ready to attack, if any1 die use orochimaru; If you have 60 chakra better w8 next round to attack with gara and then use orochimaru ( becouse Hashirama clones cancel gaaras sand hell)

Source: Naruto Online Forum

Writer: UzumakiNaruka