Wine & Heroes Guide by MsChievous of US-S26

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We all know that this Wine & Heroes was released a few weeks ago as part of the Guilds’ activities, a very awesome update that makes the guild members play together in team work, and sometimes it leads to whole server teamwork especially for the new servers.

Wine & Heroes can be found inside Guild House right next to Guild Escort Icon. Once you’re IN (inside W&H) you’ll have an option to pick which stage you like to run with your guild mates. However, stage selection depends if your guild finished the First Stage or other Guild successfully finished it for you. Oh! btw Every week the hero changes and W&H rewards are only given per week.

Once a guild, any guild in your server finished the First Stage, all guilds can benefit from it, all guilds can now run the Easy (Difficulty) First Stage. Awesome right? So, what to do now?

Here’s are few tips that I (together with my friends) gathered about how to run and clear the (First) Stage in Wine and Heroes:

SCHEDULE: A Guild should have alloted time for this Wine & Heroes activity, preferably every after Siege Boss or in between Siege Boss and Guild War or After every Guild War.

PARTICIPANTS: With regards on the schedule, you should know already when to do W&H 🙂 everyone is UP during Siege Boss and Guild War time so.., that’s the best time to run the stage. At least 10 members should join for your guild to have a chance to beat it, the more the merrier 🙂

STRATEGY #1: Basically, use Physical weapon, dodge all the attacks of the boss, you can see their attacks and they’re not the fast.

STRATEGY #2: Do massive damage as you want until the boss HP turns into 2 HP FULL BARS, once it happened, there will be Enchanters that will help the boss.

Enchanters: These guys summoned when the boss HP went to 2 full hp bars, they buffed the boss (i think) up to -75% DMG reduction, so it’s kinda useless hitting the boss with that kind of buff.

Enchanters appears by two, first two will show up in the North and South, then after a few seconds/minutes, enchanters on the east and west will be summoned.

STRATEGY #3: Once the Enchanters were summoned, all members on all rooms (5 members per room and we have 5 rooms so total of 25 members) EVERYONE should kill the NORTH Enchanter first, once its dead, go to SOUTH and kill the enchanter, next would be the EAST and WEST, though directions can vary depends on your Guild Leader / Elite instructions.

TIP: Use MAGIC or RANGE weapon, All damage are fixed to 10,000.

STRATEGY #4: Nothing special here, right after all the enchanters were dead. It’s time to continue the massacre!

OH! btw, hopefully the whole guild can managed to do the strategies before the BOSS turned into BERSERK mode, unless.. YOU FAILED!

Thanks to Tonyeta of US-S31 & GAMEBOT of US-S31

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  1. Let me know or ModChat Team if you have any revisions on this article, I’m not perfect and I know I always have room for improvements 🙂 and a big heart 😉 JK Hope you learned something, Cheers – MsChievous of US-S26 Fist Guild

    1. One tweak. On the enchanter, they have a little symbol above there head showing which weapon type does extra damage to them. I.E. If you hit the chanter that has the fire lock symbol you will do 30k a age to it instead of 10k. The four should be different from what my guild and I have seen. Cheers!

  2. Awesome. If i am one of the game developer, i will make you a game master. You help a lot thru knowledge of the game and in social page for the gamers. We are learning more with the players and that a huge help. Im rooting for your next guides!

    1. Thanks mate, hopefully OUR guide help all guilds that are having hard time clearing the Wine and Heroes Stage. And about being a GM wooohooo that sounds cool! Hopefully they give me a chance 😉 anyway, i have morr on my sleeves, stay tuned mate thanks a lot 🙂

  3. At last you finally created it, hope it helps all the guild in the game especially the new ones in the new server…!!!

    US-S18 iGeek3r/US-S31 GAMEBOT 😉😉😉

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