F.A.Q. by AHTuK of EU-S11

You downloaded and installed Dynasty Blades( iOS/android), finished guide and ready to start, but how to play?

Game basics

  • make your Rewards quests every day
  • use diamonds for Fantasy lands to get multiply rewards
  • use diamonds for fishing, to get better rewards
  • use fish catching coupon, to get +35%
  • don’t forget use your Wisdom points in Plunder
  • recover energy for 50 diamonds, to level up faster
  • don’t miss Siege boss 20:30 every day
  • I saw many players, who starts their Escort wagons just before 2x Escort event start. You will receive 2x awards only if you START escorting when event is already started. Even if you collect rewards next day.
  • collect 10diamonds and 5000 gold every 30minutes at City Square God of Wealth
  • try to get highest place you can at arena on 20:58-21:00, because at 21:00 game sends arena rewards, based on current rank)
  • choose good guild and participate at Guild Wars on Tuesday and Thursday 21:00 and get good rewards

1st Top Up

At first, I would recommend make 1st Top Up (minimum is 0,99$) to get start set :

***Hero Diao Chan[Heal/Warlord] “musthave” hero for Champions Road;

All epic gear, except Cloack (you already will have Gold quality Monarch’s cape  ) and boots;

And lvl.5 Gem Pack.

You may choose top-up 9,99$ to get VIP 3 level (25 point’s=250 diamonds to buy) to get privileges.


Right now there are 6 types:

There are two groups of them, Physical and Magic. You need to choose 1 Physical from:

  • Blade: you start with blade. Haven’t seen who use them after start.(DMG buff)
  • Dual blade(500diamonds unlock price): good for PoE, has problems in PvP.(CRIT buff)
  • Bow(500diamonds unlock price): need some skill, has charging skill Power Shot. Really good for PvP.(Dodge buff) <- highly recommended.

And 1 Magic:

  • Fan: your second unlocked section. Not bad for PoE, enough control. (DMG buff)
  • Gauntlet(500diamonds unlock price): Really strong, when players have enough skill in PvP. (HP buff)
  • Firelock(1000diamonds unlock price): Good for Arena, PvP and easy to play. (DMGReduction buff)

So, I would choose Bow+Gauntlet/Firelock.

Buff’s are permanent.

Also, you will need to unlock all of them to get Honor Mark. 

And 2nd Honor Mark after all sections of weapon skill will be purple level 

When you choose your main weapons, you’ll need level up your skills. Leveling needs:

  • Hero level(Higher level of char->Higher skill’s level maximum)
    • Skill scrolls . That’s a problem at beginning, use them wisely, only for main/sub weapon. Easy, Normal, Hard stages 3rd star completed missions – 1 skill scroll, Elite stage – 2 skill scrolls, Guild Shop 100points-2skill scrolls and sometimes Plunder.
    • Gold. Higher level->higher price.
    • Skill points. 1 skill point =3 minutes.

Permanent buff +0,5% every time you consume enough skill points(At Skill menu, under weapon’s picture ##/##).


It’s very simple. Play Fantasy lands with multiplier(VIP 3+), collect Legendary gear shards(Fantasy lands and Elite stages) and Obsidian shards . Buy at market, Fantasy lands and Plunder.

Also, you will guaranteed get 1 legendary gear for 10x Diamond Gear draw at Treasure House, but I would recommend to draw Heroes.

All you need is patience J


Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Points 2 8 25 50 100 300 500 1000 2000 3000
Level 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Points 5000 10k 15k 25k 50k 75k 100k 125k 150k 200k

1 point =10 purchased diamonds

Best privilege:

Level 3:

  • Autoskill in autoplay mode
  • Outfit
  • Epic weapon choose
  • Black Marketeer permament
  • Most important – Fantasy Lands multiplier. 50diamons x2, 150diamons x3

Level 5:

  • Monarch’s battle boots
  • 20% Extra Award Hunting Wars

Level 6:

  • 99 flowers 1 time per day for free(80 energy, 80 petal points)
  • 20% Extra Award Beauty Rescue
  • Outfit

All other benefits you can find in game J


One of the most interesting thing in this game. You’ll have to choose your heroes demanding on Your Weapons choose and where you use them.

Best start heroes, IMHO, are:

Diao Chan (1st top up), “musthave” for Champions Road

Cao Ren (Stuns opponent, PvP Hero)

Dian Wei (Makes you invincible for 3sec, when your HP is lower then 10%)

Also, now you get Zhao Yun, as newbies 7 day pack.

I would recommend to use 10x Draw tickets at Treasure House to get Heroes.

Some tips and tricks

  • 1st trick, you can once time per game Shale the Tree of Prosperity 14/15 times, and every day you will start with 14*5=70 Reward Points. So you will save your diamonds.
  • 2nd you can play this game on PC or Mac, just need to download Bluestacks android applayer, install Dynasty blades and enjoy. Also, iOS users who knows Giftcodes, can use it to redeem rewards, while there is no “Gift code” button. *OMG, they should pay me for Ads*

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