Other small tips by our players

In my experience, people don’t like to do the siege battle event. It is less straight forward than the others and tougher to do max damage. However, Gauntlet users have a distinct advantage….

If you start siege battle and immediately kill the wave approaching on the right.

You can then position yourself behind the wave gathered on the left catapult and charge up the Taichi Dash. DO NOT RELEASE IT.

Taichi Dash creates a vortex that pulls the enemy towards you but does not kill them.

Now, if you continue to hold the charge the group of enemies will attack you (minimal damage) and the waves on the left side will stop.

Watch the time lapse.

You just hold them in place for the remainder of the time and both catapults fire off like clockwork doing massive damage.

(Neat trick discovered by AkodoKage of OA-S1)

There are five different levels to the Rune system.

Blue          10 quality

Purple       14 quality

Gold          20 quality

Gold lvl 2  22 quality

Gold lvl 3  24 quality

The  blue and purple cannot be  synthesized so let’s focus on the gold. The first quality level is 20, it’s the leaf/triangular shaped runes.

It takes three 20 quality  runes to synthesize and form a 22 quality  rune (Three of the same color eg. 3x Rune  of Intellect forms 1 Token of Dragon 22 quality).  It takes three Token of Dragon’s quality 22 to form 1 Rune of Shennong quality 24. I hope this helps you guys that did not know how to achieve a 24 quality Rune.

(A guide to Synthesizing Runes by RazzLegend of US-S13)

  1. Pick right weapon. (Personally I like bowl and gun<– strong ly recommend)
  2. Do your daily diamond collection in city square.
  3. Evolve hero with weapon.
  4. Send flowers with diamond. That give you more energy to play to
    level up quicker.
  5. Shakes trees with 15 times. Clear scroll n money to enchance

( The first step to start by Dominique DG of US-S14 )


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  1. For the love of all that is holy DO NOT SHAKE THE TREE 15 TIMES!!! It is a HORRIBLE waste of diamonds.
    Shake it once per day for 14 days then STOP and never look at it again.

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