Siege Boss Guide by MsChievous of US-S26

This is one of the most awaited event in-game. With respect to other blog posts that includes similar guide about this, here’s my Siege boss related inputs that might help you out in dealing tons of damage and a chance to get the Last Hit rewards / title.

Siege Boss start every 20:30 US Server time, sry as I’m not familiar with EU time.. which usually ends 6 minutes to 10 minutes depends on the high BP players you have in the server.

Siege Boss Rewards

– For Participants, it gives 50pcs holy essence which is needed to enhance your outfit, 500k golds and 2pcs lvl2 random gem. I’m not sure though with the quantity of the rewards if it varies depends on your siege boss damage rankings.

–  For The Last Hit, a notification / announcement will be sent to all and it only means that you will get a Last Hit Emblem. At the same time, you will get the “Rewards for the Participants” plus the Last Hit rewards which are x1 Diamond Ticket Draw and 500k golds.

Last Hit Emblem, under Hero Title.. having 1 LHE gives you the title of BOSS KILLER that grants your lord a permanent additional 2.6k BP Whoaaahh! another good thing here is if you collected 10 LHE, another title will be unlocked which is the BOSS TERMINATOR title that grants your Lord a permanent additional 4.2k BP

Looks like those rewards gives you the eagerness to attend and participate and hunt that emblem huh? Ok, let’s continue…

To start with, you should be there before Siege Boss start! so you can prepare your gears and heroes. Basically, you need 1 Magic weapon and 1 Physical weapon due to BOSS has this immunity shield that occurs when (i guess) it reached its maximum damage for a time.

Yellow Shield on Boss means – it is immune to Physical attack, by this time.. if you are using Physical weapon, you should tap the switch weapon icon and start using Magic weapon to deal damage.

Purple Shield on Boss means – it is immune to Magical attack, if you are using Physical weapon, keep it! as switching to physical will do no damage on the boss.

STRATEGY – How to deal with the Boss

Boss Skill #1 – Meteor Drop (i just invented this name LOL)

Usually this happen after a few seconds right after you entered the boss room. No worries as you can avoid it easily as it shows a huge red round circle on the ground which means that part is the place where the Meteor Drop lands. You can go to the side, corner side of all sides up to you, depends also to your weapon. you can go far if you are using Long range and go near if you use short range weapon. However, you can just absorb all the damage and continue dealing damage to the boss, it hurts of course but not much (depends on your Lods stats, level)

Boss Skill #2 – Meteor Shower (again, don’t mind the name lol)

It drops 3 mini meteor near your screen, so if you are located in front of the boss, no need to move as it will not hit your place, but if you are located far from the boss, you should go near it to avoid this meteor shower skill.

Boss Skill #3 – First One Punch Hook (hahahahaha)

NO ONE can dodge this, if anyone did LUCKY YOU! but literally, you can’t do anything with this, just absorb it! then use heal after wards to survive the next skills.

Boss Skill #4 – Flamethrower (i think i got this right now! brrr)

Usually, it starts throwing fire on your current location, so if you see the boss inhales and breath soon.. that’s the clue that you need to go to either your right or left to avoid it, this time.. probably you have less HP so you need to be extra careful and save some HP for a chance to survive the last skill 😉

Boss Skill #5 – Last One Punch Hook (hahaha lol)

Most of the time, this skill ends your turn, most of the time noone survive this! so release all your skills before his HUGE FIST hits you, at least you managed to do more damage before you get killed.

With those skills being exposed, you can still read the boss moves and create better combo and strategy on how you can deal tons of damage to rank high. Given that damage is still based on your BP plus the help from your Heroes buffs.

Oh btw! if you die, you need to wait for at least 30 seconds before you can enter the boss room again, else you pay 50 diamonds for an instant revive.

Now, let’s talk about the weapons and heroes you need to use to have a very effective damage on the boss.


Probably for me, Bow and Firelock are the best for this.. why? maybe you should read this article about skill/weapons guide by yours truly 🙂 insert link here

Anyway, Bow has this special thing on their skills, CHARGE** if the skill is charged, it deals more damage! perfect for last hit shot 🙂 on the other side, Firelock gives extra  20% DMG on legend form when your HP is below 50% which gives extra damage to your attacks.


This will vary depends on your skills / weapons. Zhao Yun is good as it gives CRIT buff, ATK heroes are good especially if it buffs your weapon, Diao Chan, healer heroes are good to give you extra life bars to last long. Boss can’t be stunned, frozen or affected by any ailments.

Btw, you can set your heroes right outside the Siege Boss room.

Now that you have all the information / setups needed, I think the next part will be the main key on getting that Last Hit Title / Emblem!

Oooopppppssss I guess I ran out of character space 😉 😛 limited only.. If you want to know the last part or want to clear / revise something about the guide, comment it below and I will try to answer it.

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  1. Gauntlet charges strike too, good for timing also 🙂
    Btw, you can check how much dmg you deal with 1 skill strike, so it’s easier to get last shot 🙂
    1 more thing. Re-enter cooldown 1 minute at Siege boss. 30sec it’s Dragon Vein @Guild Wars.
    P.S. Cheaters burn in hell.

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