[News] Battlefield 1 Holiday Event Begins With New Game Mode

Like many other games, EA’s Battlefield 1 is getting a holiday update. Battlefield 1’s special event begins and runs until December 29, with new things to do and unlock every day.

Yesterday, Battlefield 1 added a new Custom Game called “Blind Delivery.” This is a variant of the War Piegons mode where the mini map is turned off. Also, weaponry is limited to handguns and explosives. You can find Blind Delivery in the Custom Game tab of Battlefield 1’s multiplayer menu.

Today, a dog tag called “Holiday Truce” will be available; all you have to do to get it is log into the game any time that day. Later in the week, EA will offer new vehicle skins and battlepacks. You can see a full rundown of events below, as written by EA.

  • December 21: The new Custom Game “Blind Delivery” goes live. Tackle this unique take on the War Pigeons mode where the minimap is turned off and only handguns and explosives are allowed.
  • December 22: The “Holiday Truce” Dog Tag will be awarded to all players starting December 22 (one per account.) All you need to do is login to Battlefield 1 after this date and this iconic Dog Tag will be yours.
  • December 22: Vehicle Skins are introduced to Battlefield 1. In the new Battlepacks revision you might get hold of two Heavy Tank skins: the Distinguished “SchnucK” or the Legendary “Desert Gold.”
  • December 23 – December 29: All players that login to Battlefield 1 during this period will receive a free Battlepack (one per account.)
  • December 23 – December 29: All Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners that login between December 23 and December 29 will receive two Superior Battlepacks.

Source: Gamspot