[Fun]A STEAM educational seminar is held in China?

Chinese educators are known for high intensity education. Uncharacteristically, a STEAM educational seminar was held in Xi’an, China recently. Many experts from China education field attended the seminar and discuss the reformation that STEAM will bring to the China education.

Wait a moment, when did Gabe make a cooperation with Chinese educators? And what can STEAM bring for students? Teach them how to play games? Or take all the money in Chinese students’ wallet?

But luckily, this STEAM is not the same as the steam we usually talk about. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematical. It is a burgeoning framework for teaching.

However, there was an embarrassed mistake in the PPT of the seminar. The misused the icon of steam. Oh, man that may be accused by Valve. Good luck to them.