Fantasy Land by EU-S11 AHTuK

When you finish newbie guide, you reach level 21. It unlocks Fantasy Land(FL) mode.

What you need to know about it?

First of all, you‘ll have 3 attempts daily.


  1. Attempt count
  2. Join selected team
  3. Auto-join
  4. Create your own team
  5. Refresh team list
  6. Gear fantasy land
  7. Pet paradise
  8. Stage difficulty
  9. Possible trophies
  10. Recommended level(where 1st shows minimum Lv. To access dificulty)

Looks user easy-access.

Game will ask you to “Create a team”. If you don‘t have VIP3, you will see message, that “Players with VIP3 or above can use rewards multiplier”

If you already have it, then you‘ll have to choose one of 3 possible options(x1,x2,x3).

I would strongly recommend to make you FL with multipliers(Loots means power).

  1. Team leader
  2. Kick(Once player kicked out from team, he can’t join it again, until you create new team)
  3. When teammate ready, it will change to “Start” button.(Or you can Solo)
  4. Reward Multiplier at current team

As you see at interface, Fantasy land splits in 2 categories: Gear(6) and Pet Paradise(7).

Difficulty min. Lv. Easy Normal Hard Elite
Gear 21 40 60 75
Pet 40 60 75 85

I’m lvl 64 at a moment, so wait for update.

That’s not all Trophies that you get at once.

FL Easy contains Epic gear shard boxes.

For example: Fantasy Land x3 Hard reward.

Okay, now we know all about Fantasy land. But What is it?

We started. Fantasy land is 10 floors of enemy waves. Each to complete, you’ll need to reach enough points.

If you, or your teammate, already tried to complete that kind of stage, you’ll see window like that:

As you see, my teammate cleared FL previous time, so we automatically passed first 6 floors and got multiplied rewards for it.

To pass 9th Floor(1) we needed to get 5940 points(2). My points(3) 2850+teammate points(4) 3100=5950. And we had 58sec more to clear that Floor(5).

There are 2 ways to Fail Fantasy land. 1st both teammates killed and they won’t resurrect. 2nd team(or solo player) didn’t get in time.

When you clear stage 10(6600 points), you’ll finish FL. As you see, final rewards can be not same, it happens when one of players have more than 100points gap.

At Pet Paradise, player with more points gets Extra Aura Pill.

Don’t forget claim your rewards at mailbox.

Also, you have Daily Task, participate at 2 FL.

Tips and tricks:

  1. If it possible, clear FL with multiplier
  2. Try to find constant Teammate for FL(So you can multiply 1day and save dias another day)
  3. Resurrection costs 10 diamonds, so don’t die. But if it happened for example at 10th floor and you’re sure, that your teammate will clear that floor, don’t resurrect, save dias.
  4. First 2 waves at each floor are weak, so better use Fury attacks at end of Floor. (If you and your teammate have kind similar point scoring speed, you can easily fill bar at each floors end)
  5. It’s faster to earn points, when you use ranged weapon.
  6. “Bosses” gives more points