[Mini-Event] Dynasty Blades Pop-up Quiz

Generals! Here’s another event to prove your greatness!
Let’s see how well do you know Dynasty Blades 🙂
10 of you will get the compensation if you answered them correctly!

Event Period : 01-09 (Mon) ~ 01-12 (Thu)
Event Rewards : 100 Diamonds + 500k Golds
Event Winner Announcement : 01-13 (Fri) T
ake the Quiz here
: http://bit.ly/DBquizEVENT

* by all means! Please check *
Please make sure that your entry is within the duration of the event.
Compensation will be sent a day after the winners announcement.
Check your Mailbox as compensation will be sent through your Mailbox
Only generals who participated has a chance to win.
Duplicates will be rejected automatically, only the first entry will be recognized.
Make sure you include the correct details of your account! [Server/IGN/ID] ID is a MUST!
Hoping for your participation and support.
Enjoy the game and wait for more mini-events.
Admin Mike of Dynasty Blades Official Community Facebook Group

More Dynasty Blades articles can be found here in our ModChat Blog. Also, we have tons of veteran players across EU and US servers in our ModChat Chat Channels (http://mdct.io/#DynastyBladesCommunity), so might as well Download, Install and Join!
Android: https://goo.gl/OMtS77
iOS: https://goo.gl/ebyAr2

2 thoughts on “[Mini-Event] Dynasty Blades Pop-up Quiz

  1. NOTE: Participants ID is a must! ID IS A MUST! please.. don’t blame us if you don’t win due to some rule violation or missed requirements. This test allows you to take it once, no more second chance, so make sure to perfect it! Goodluck guys! NO CHEATING! lol

  2. Congratulations to our winners! Next time make sure to obey the rules of the event so that your entry will be 100% valid. See you on our next event generals!

    How was the event? For those who completed the form, thanks a lot! Your feedback will help me to do more awesome events in the future. For those who didn’t, Let us know your input, aight!? Cheers

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