Tips for Modchat group moderators

Hey there. So you wanna learn how to properly manage your group? Meet the Modchat Operation Dev Team! If you meet any problem, follow the instruction or give us a shout:

Haonan – The party lord

Rhoningip – The young Genji

Sherry – The Media Tycoon

Ishmael – Takeaway Master

Iris_mayrain – The cute little

yans – Team Dad

Seansue – The pen pal

Tsuisik – The Walking Fashion Show

abby – Team sis

  1. Enter main chat page of the group. Click the button(…) on the up right corner.

2. You can change

  • Group Name: A name for your group, can change at any time.
  • Group Alias: A nick name for yourself, can be a different name from your account name.
  • Group Files: A place for you to upload pic, music, pdf and everything you want to share.
  • Group Description: An introduction for your group and some special rules.
  • Pinned Message: A message that every new member will see. It is suggested to set some greetings and daily topics to keep the group active.

What’s more is you can check is group’s member list and manage your group.

3. In manage page, you can

  • Set text color for members: Change someone’s text color in group chat.
  • Set sub-moderator: Find someone to help you manage the group.
  • Set group file permission: To decide who can update files in this group.

4. If you click the button on the up right corner, you can

  • Sticky your group to the top: Display a group on the top in your chat page.
  • Change cover image/ avatar. A way to customize your group as you like.
  • Private group: People who want to join need to enter a request.
  • Public group: Open to everyone.
  • Mute: No notification about new message from this group.

Special Q&A:


Q1: What if I have no time to manage my own group?

A1: Try to find a reliable person and set some sub-moderators to help you.


Q2: What can I do if I found spammer in my group?


  • Click his/her avatar
  • Find the button on the up right corner
  • Ban him/her as a moderator or sub-moderator

If this cannot solve the problem, please send a message to “Modchat” account with screenshot to proof him/her is a spammer, we will solve it with harder measures.


Q3: What can I do if my group is died or no one speaks?

A2: Try you best to share your group’s link to channels, groups and etc.

For example: Channel/Facebook Group/Reddit/Twitter and more.


Q4: Is there any activities or events that I can hold in my group?

A4: You can set pinned message to raise a topic/question and more. Or you can just hold activities like roleplay, quiz etc. All in all, use your imagination.


Q5: How can I manage the number of my group member efficiently?

A5: As a moderator, you can see the active/inactive user in your member list. You can just kick those inactive user or account deleted user. If you reach the member cap, give a shout to the devs, we will gradually raise it up to 200.


Q6: How can I list my group to feature group?

A6: If you want to list your group to feature group, you can

Send a message to “Modchat” with your

  • Group name
  • The reason of why you want to list it
  • What can you provide to this community?

Then we will tell the result to you.


Q7: What can I do if I want to raise my capacity of my group?

A7: When you find that you have no enough capacity to add more people, you can:

  • Kick some inactive group member.
  • Send a message to “Modchat” account with your group name and acquirement.
  • We will gradually raise it up to 200 for normal groups.
  • If you wish to continue expand, join the supergroups event we held. Increase your member cap up to 500!


Q8: How can I make my own group become a SUPER GROUP?

A8: Please notice our “Media” news, we will hold event of “SUPER GROUPS RECURITMENT”.


Q9: What can I do if I want to communicate with different people with different language?

A9: We have translation system from Google at the end of each message. Feel free to use it 🙂


Q10: What can I do if culture conflict/ religious conflict happened?

A10: We encourage people in this community is kind and friendly. If you find someone hurts most of the group member’s feeling, you have the power to ban him/her, or just tell us to solve it.


Q11: What can I do if I use all of the place of setting sub-moderator?

Q11: If the group really need more sub-moderator for management, please send a message to “Modchat” account with your group name, we will send you a result to you.


Q12: What can I do if my group’s sharing link is a messy code?

A12: Our link can be displayed normally with alphabet, number and some symbol. If you use Chinese or other character in your group tag, it will be display in a messy code. But you can still use it for sharing. It still works.