F.A.Q. by AHTuK of EU-S11

You downloaded and installed Dynasty Blades( iOS/android), finished guide and ready to start, but how to play? Game basics make your Rewards quests every day use diamonds for Fantasy lands to get multiply rewards use diamonds for fishing, to get better rewards use fish catching coupon, to get +35% don’t forget use your Wisdom points in Plunder recover energy for Read More >>>

[Guide] How to get the urban MDR Rifle

While many players jumped off The Division bandwagon at some point between the game’s release back in March and now, plenty are returning to the title thanks to the latest update, Survival. Survival might not be a totally new idea – it’s basically a riff on Battle Royale with a few other meters to manage – but its addition to Read More >>>

[Update] “The Division” developers address loot bugs with recent maintenance, reveal “survival” statistics in stream

Servers for The Division are back online with the latest update following the weekly maintenance. As usual, community developers for the title gathered to speak to the community in the latest state of the game address during the downtime. In addition to revealing some interesting “Survival” statistics, the team touched on a few loot issues specific to the new named Read More >>>

[Update] Fixes The Division Maintenance Brought

Yesterday, Ubisoft implemented a server maintenance to Tom Clancy’s The Division. This was announced in the studio’s official forums, with the exact time pointed out. Albeit to the knowledge of many, the downtime was meant to introduce a couple of fixes. They’re mentioned below. According to PlayStationLifeStyle, the maintenance took place around 3:30 AM EST (12:30 AM PST) on 1st Read More >>>