[Fun] Bastion Reborn As Epic 3D Printed PC Build

Overwatch’s lovable chirpy robot transforms into a sizable custom PC, and we’re absolutely smitten. Armed with a 3D printer, a lot of gumption, and technical prowess, PC case modder Jan Erik Vangen has built a custom PC inside of Overwatch’s favorite chirpy robot. Bastion was crafted piece-by-3D-printed-piece using a MakerBot Replicator, and was then assembled like a basic Gundam model Read More >>>

[News] Overwatch Generated the Most Revenue for Premium PC Games in 2016

SuperData has released their 2016 Year in Review report on Digital Games and Interactive Media. In the report, SuperData disclosed the PC Revenue for Premium Games (that is, games that have to be purchased and are not free-to-play). And it should come as no surprise to many of our readers that Blizzard’s Overwatch took home the top grossing PC game of Read More >>>

[Update] Blizzard Working On ‘Multiple New Heroes’ For Overwatch, Reveals Plans For 2017

New heroes, maps, game modes, and a custom server browser—Overwatch has a busy 2017 planned. With two new heroes, a new map, and new game modes added in 2016, Overwatch had a busy year since launching in May, but Blizzard doesn’t seem to be slowing down. In a developer update video posted today, game director Jeff Kaplan laid out a Read More >>>