[News] If you hate Mei’s Winter Wonderland skin in Overwatch, she’ll change clothes early next year

Apparently, quite a lot of Overwatch players aren’t happy the Legendary Skin given to Mei in the Winter Wonderland event. No one likes Santa it seems. Bah Humbug and all that. In a post on the Overwatch forums addressing fan complaints (via reddit), game director Jeff Kaplan said the team makes call on what it deems “cool” regarding character skins, Read More >>>

[Report] Will “Overwatch” Be Activision’s Best Franchise?

Just as movie studios depend on franchises to help bolster profits while reducing the risk of making new films, video game publishers depend on franchises to keep players engaged and buying more titles. Activision Blizzard‘s (NASDAQ: ATVI) latest, Overwatch, could be most profitable new franchise the industry has ever seen. “We think Overwatch will achieve record launch year revenue for Read More >>>

[News] ‘Overwatch’ Latest News & Update: How To Check ‘Overwatch’ DDoS & Monitor Server Status; Holiday Event Starts December 13

“Overwatch” players have reported connection errors and denial-of-service. To resolve the issue, Blizzard has revealed the steps to check “Overwatch” DDoS, monitor server status and troubleshoot. It has also confirmed “Overwatch” holiday event that will start on December 13, 2016. “Overwatch” Update: Servers May Be Down Due To DDoS Disconnection and latency issues have been reported on “Overwatch” and other Read More >>>

[Esports]A Viewers Guide to the Winter Premiere Open Play

Why not start watching this $100k tournament from the very first day of matches, which starts in a bit! Event HubNext Generation Esports has partnered up with Blizzard to provide the fans with a North-American spectacle. Over the next few weeks, through open qualifiers as well as group stages, the Winter Premiere will offer tons of eSports content. The Open Read More >>>

[Esports]The Growth of Casting in Overwatch, by Seamoose

Throughout its first year, Overwatch has received many comments regarding its presentation. Due to the variety of heroes, the chaotic nature of the fights, 3-D environment, and the different angles for spectators, Overwatch can be a difficult game to follow not only for the experienced viewer, but also for the caster. In fact, many top casters agree that Overwatch is Read More >>>