Easy Strong Approaching: My Strategy

Like the title says, this is only my strategy and there are plenty of valid strategies under the sun. Also, it’s ungodly long, sorry. Despite the name, Easy Strong Approaching is pretty difficult since it’s not just power or spam, it’s combos/debuff clearing/stayin’ alive (Uh-uh-uh-uh stayin’ alive) too. But once you have the hang of it you win, mostly. Number Read More >>>

Fire/Scarlet Blaze Lineup F2W

Yo everyone, this is Ramyeoni from S80: Gakido! So recently I’ve come up with a formation that helps me beat players much stronger than me (even P2W guys), and it’s pretty good. I lost to the top player by 747HP and he was using Tendo + Ningendo Pains, Chiyo Ten Puppets and Fire main. (he was around 21k then, I Read More >>>

Strategy by AkodoKage of OA-S1(1)

Here is a basic game guide I developed! This guide establishes strategies for gameplay, diamond use, and goals you should set for yourself as a new player. Enjoy! First of all, players should recognize that this game operates strictly in the EST Time Zone. That means that the time on the in-game clock thinks you live in Eastern USA. As I Read More >>>

【Tale】Diao Chan

Diao Chan is allegedly one of the four ancient Chinese beauties. Despite her absence in historical records, she was immortalized as a heroine by the well-known Chinese literary classics Romance of Three Kingdoms. At fifteen, she was selected as a maid of honor in the Han Court, where she was charged with the duty of taking care of court officials’ hat decorations Read More >>>

Strategy by Leondeon from US-S5

A constant daily increase in player power is a necessity. Taking the time to do daily missions *WITHOUT SPENDING GEMS if you can avoid it*. I found the best way to utilize my energy on specific heroes that I will be using for my current weapon buff choice while also being able to find pieces to upgrade jewelry. Make sure Read More >>>

Send Strategy to Win Special CDK (Nov. 9th – 30th)

Hello guys, Do you want to win special CDK? To join the event, you can: Write original strategy guides of League of Stickman  Or Share others’ article with explicit reference. From November 9th to 30th,please send your article to our mailbox: share@modchat.com or directly to “Stickman Official” account with your game platform/version. Once your strategy is received and cataloged, we will send you Read More >>>