[Update] Tunnels and tank fights coming in Battlefield 1’s “They Shall Not Pass” DLC

If you found yourself thinking “Battlefield 1 is great and all, but I wish it had more claustrophobic struggle and death,” the game’s first DLC expansion has your weirdly specific number. Developer DICE shared some new concept art and information about “They Shall Not Pass”, including the fact that it takes inspiration from the Battle of Verdun’s protracted, brutal struggle Read More >>>

[News] DICE asked its community on how they can improve Battlefield 1

Today, DICE has asked its community regarding how they can improve their hottest FPS title, Battlefield 1 even more – to which the community eagerly obliged and shared their thoughts about the game, bugs, balance changes and more. DICE Asks: How can you improve Battlefield 1? Unlocked Vehicles in Single Player Practice – One of the popular suggestions is the Read More >>>