Fantasy Land by EU-S11 AHTuK

When you finish newbie guide, you reach level 21. It unlocks Fantasy Land(FL) mode. What you need to know about it? First of all, you‚Äėll have 3 attempts daily. Interface: Attempt count Join selected team Auto-join Create your own team Refresh team list Gear fantasy land Pet paradise Stage difficulty Possible trophies Recommended level(where 1st shows minimum Lv. To access Read More >>>

Other small tips by our players

In my experience, people don’t like to do the siege battle event. It is less straight forward than the others and tougher to do max damage. However, Gauntlet users have a distinct advantage…. If you start siege battle and immediately kill the wave approaching on the right. You can then position yourself behind the wave gathered on the left catapult Read More >>>

F.A.Q. by AHTuK of EU-S11

You downloaded and installed Dynasty Blades( iOS/android), finished guide and ready to start, but how to play? Game basics make your Rewards quests every day use diamonds for Fantasy lands to get multiply rewards use diamonds for fishing, to get better rewards use fish catching coupon, to get +35% don’t forget use your Wisdom points in Plunder recover energy for Read More >>>

[Tale] L√ľ Bu

L√ľ Bu¬†(died February 199)¬†courtesy name¬†Fengxian, was a military general and warlord who lived in the late¬†Eastern Han dynasty. Originally a subordinate of a minor warlord¬†Ding Yuan, he betrayed and murdered Ding and defected to¬†Dong Zhuo, the warlord who controlled the Han central government in the early 190s. In 192, he turned against and killed Dong Zhuo after being instigated by¬†Wang Read More >>>

Strategy by AkodoKage of OA-S1(1)

Here is a basic game guide I developed! This guide establishes strategies for gameplay, diamond use, and goals you should set for yourself as a new player. Enjoy! First of all, players should recognize that this game operates strictly in the EST Time Zone. That means that the time on the in-game clock thinks you live in Eastern USA. As I Read More >>>