【Tale】Diao Chan

Diao Chan is allegedly one of the four ancient Chinese beauties. Despite her absence in historical records, she was immortalized as a heroine by the well-known Chinese literary classics Romance of Three Kingdoms. At fifteen, she was selected as a maid of honor in the Han Court, where she was charged with the duty of taking care of court officials’ hat decorations Read More >>>

Strategy by Leondeon from US-S5

A constant daily increase in player power is a necessity. Taking the time to do daily missions *WITHOUT SPENDING GEMS if you can avoid it*. I found the best way to utilize my energy on specific heroes that I will be using for my current weapon buff choice while also being able to find pieces to upgrade jewelry. Make sure Read More >>>

Send Strategy to Win Special Gift Code

Hello guys, Do you want to win 300 Diamond + 500000 Gold + 30 Aura Pills gift code? To join the event, you can: Write original walkthrough/strategy guides of Dynasty Blades  Or Share others’ article with explicit reference. Please send your article to our mailbox: share@modchat.com or directly to “Dynasty Official” account with your server. Once your strategy is received and Read More >>>