[Strategy] Chakra Factory (FULL WIND)

Heloo evry1 i play UK Server20 : Kabuto My nick is UzumakiNaruka I am lv 80 [AkatsukiEU] I am big fan of wind, dunno why but I love it. Can’t help myself… I want to share my team with you. It’s FULL WIND! And I call it Chakra Factory. Line-up Ninjas: Breeze Dancer Orochimaru [Konoha’s Traitor] – If any1 die use him to call Read More >>>

[Guide] Naruto: Mabui Lineup With Kazekage Ninjas – Breeze Dancer

Dear players, today we are here to present you with another guide. This guide is about putting Mabui together with Breeze Dancer and other two amazing ninjas to cause a nice damage output! Lineup and Recommended Talents: Breeze Dancer put together with the new Mabui. Breeze Dancer’s Talents put together with the new Mabui. Analysis of Breeze Dancer’s Skills 1. Dance Read More >>>

Easy Strong Approaching: My Strategy

Like the title says, this is only my strategy and there are plenty of valid strategies under the sun. Also, it’s ungodly long, sorry. Despite the name, Easy Strong Approaching is pretty difficult since it’s not just power or spam, it’s combos/debuff clearing/stayin’ alive (Uh-uh-uh-uh stayin’ alive) too. But once you have the hang of it you win, mostly. Number Read More >>>

Fire/Scarlet Blaze Lineup F2W

Yo everyone, this is Ramyeoni from S80: Gakido! So recently I’ve come up with a formation that helps me beat players much stronger than me (even P2W guys), and it’s pretty good. I lost to the top player by 747HP and he was using Tendo + Ningendo Pains, Chiyo Ten Puppets and Fire main. (he was around 21k then, I Read More >>>

Intro to the Main Character——Midnight Blade

Midnight Blade Nickname: Lightning Element Gender: Male    Age: 15 Height: 173.2cm    Weight: 54.9kg   Battle Style: Lightning Style Ninjutsu & Kenjutsu Adept in Lightning Style and in combining it with the [assassin’s blade] skills. Cause particularly heavy damage to single enemy bodies, but lack the means to attack group enemy bodies. Prefers to attack ninjas and coordinates well with lightning attribute ninjas. Lightning Element Read More >>>

Write Strategies to Win Rewards-Permanent Event

Event Info: We invite players to compose game strategies in various fields accordingly to their strengths and expertise on Naruto Online Forum. Illustrations are strongly recommended. Content can include Ninja recommendation, battle lineup recommendation, upgrade recommendation, etc. Must be original and insightful. We invite players to publish new posts under the strategy section of the Naruto Online Forum (http://forum.naruto.oasgames.com/en/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=36) in Read More >>>