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Prohibited Content Is illegal: Content may violate the law Is involuntary pornography: We prohibits the posting of photographs, videos, or digital images of users in a state of nudity or engaged in any act of sexual conduct, taken or posted without their permission. Other prohibited content includes child sexual abuse imagery, content that encourages or promotes pedophilia, as well as Read More >>>


親愛的挑戰者你好, 農曆新年快到了,除了幫自己添購新年行頭外,是否也想要為自己的英雄增添一點新的造型呢? 現在有機會免費獲得 – 塔拉「大酋長」造型,也有機會透過福氣臨門箱抽到永久造型,快點一起來看看吧! 1.累積儲值送永久造型「大酋長」塔拉 活動時間: 2017 年 01 月 24 日(二) 00:00  ~  2017 年 02 月 06 日(一) 23:59 止 活動內容:  只要在活動期間內累積儲值達指定額度,即可透過活動任務條領取各式好禮(永久造型/體驗卡/寶石/改名卡) 期間內儲值數量與相對應獎勵: 兌換條件   兌換獎項 (永久造型/體驗卡/寶石/改名卡) 40 點券 「大酋長」塔拉 1 日體驗卡 125 點券   80寶石 295 點券 「大酋長」塔拉 3 日體驗卡 465 點券   改名卡 805 點券 「輝裝聖徒」凡恩 3 日體驗卡 1120 點券 「大酋長」塔拉 7 日體驗卡 2155 點券   3 級奧義箱 4325 Read More >>>

  @IntensiveDawgg1 took the lead of Meme King of the Year(#MOTY) for 3 tickets. Chatterbox of the year(#COTY) is ruled by @Iris Fusion for 6 tickets. And finally, @Chomp absolutely dominate the Group Leader of the Year(#GOTY) for 8 tickets.

[E-Sports] NRG and compLexity show sparks before exiting MLG Vegas Overwatch on Day 2

Legends are not born overnight, but instead they are forged through fire. Of the eight teams that entered Friday for the Overwatch tournament at Major League Gaming Vegas, four have been eliminated from the running for the $40,000 grand prize as of Saturday’s action. Even amongst the teams that have been eliminated, however, their performances hint at compelling new storylines Read More >>>

F.A.Q. by AHTuK of EU-S11

You downloaded and installed Dynasty Blades( iOS/android), finished guide and ready to start, but how to play? Game basics make your Rewards quests every day use diamonds for Fantasy lands to get multiply rewards use diamonds for fishing, to get better rewards use fish catching coupon, to get +35% don’t forget use your Wisdom points in Plunder recover energy for Read More >>>