[Guide] Recommended Battlefield 1 weapon loadouts

In Battlefield LFG games, K/D ratios take a back seat to tactical team play, which is especially important in Battlefield One. For instance, Conquest now relies exclusively on objective control, ignoring deaths when counting down tickets. It reflects a focus on wit, and the ability to spot holes in your offense or defense and then quickly plug them with specific Read More >>>

Overwatch: Blizzard Working on Four New Maps, New Skins Inbound

by Michael Briers Developer Blizzard is currently working on four new Overwatch maps, but it’s unclear of those new arenas will ever be made available to the public.  News comes to us via a Twitch livestream, where Jeff Kaplan and other Blizzard developers hosted a Q&A session on all things Overwatch, Ana Amari and what Season 2 will hold. Reddit user MattRix Read More >>>

[BF1 Guide mod] Battlefield 1 Guide – Singleplayer, Multiplayer and More

Battlefield 1 Guide – Singleplayer, Multiplayer and More   Welcome to the Battlefield 1 guide page. We pick the best guide and walkthrough articles around the Battlefield universe. To begin with, select the content and click the button down below. 1.General info 2.Singleplayer 3.Multiplayer   Recently Added:   Got any latest news, funny memes or something you want to share? Read More >>>

Blizzard DDoS Attack: Another Attack On Battle.net Servers Grieving Hearthstone, WoW, Overwatch Players

Gamers were surprised to be denied access to the Battle.net servers on Sunday only to find out the news about the Blizzard DDoS (distributed denial-of-service cyberattack). Battle.net, of course, is the online gaming network on which Blizzard titles like “World of Warcraft,” “Overwatch” and “Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft” are being run. It’s not clear how many players were affected, but Read More >>>

Should I Upgrade My Equipment or Skills First?

To upgrade equipment or skill first is a question, whether better equipment make me walk through next level or upgraded skill kill enemies easier? To kill, to be hero, to see others’ideas…^^ Here are two high level players’ opinion! Destro2k When you play with your first hero, don’t get overwhelmed by the items, there are a lot but only a Read More >>>

Delta Error: Can't Connect To The Division's New 'Underground' DLC? You're Not Alone

by Dave Thier from Forbes Ubisoft says everything should be working now. More new content for The Division, more technical problems in its wake. Today Ubisoft released Underground, the first major piece of DLC for the post-apocalyptic shooter MMO, and people are reportedly having some issues both finding and connecting to the new content. The official Ubisoft twitter account tweeted about “Delta Read More >>>